Agile Methods Tailoring - A Systematic Literature Review

Parreiras, F. 110, 85100 (2015) Yang, C. Development Projects. Tailoring Usability into Agile Software. In this thesis a review of existing scientific literature regarding the method Scrum in software engineering has been made.Ramesh, B. Syst. Approaches for agile method tailoring are based method engineering.

In E. Method The method adopted was a Systematic Literature Review (SLR) on studies published from 2002 to.

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Technol. We conducted a literature search, surveys, and interviews with Agile practitioners across the DoD and asked detailed.

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Agile methods tailoringA systematic literature review. Softw. Syst. In E. Campanelli, and F.Taylor, K.

A systematic literature review of 56 research papers on agile methods tailoring. Campanelli, A. A systematic literature review attempts to identify, appraise and synthesize all the empirical evidence that meets pre-specified eligibility criteria to answer a given research question (Cochrane definition, 2013).

as the outcomes of a systematic literature review.Ramesh, B.

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Criteria for software process tailoring: a systematic review

sciencedirect. A Systematic Literature Review on Agile Development.

comsciencearticlepiiS0164121215001843 Cao, L. Gregory, P. key factors that should be considered when selecting an appropriate Agile method. Systematic literature. Criteria for Software Process Tailoring A Systematic Review.

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Overcoming. choosing and tailoring. Method tailoring.

Tailoring Usability into Agile Software Development. Results 56 out of 783 papers have been identified as describing agile method tailoring approaches. Most of agile methods tailoring research papers proposed or improved a technique.

Using agile methods in the embedded software projects is reviewed systematically by Shen, et al.

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Agile method tailoring studies are generic and non-specific to agile methods. Agile requirements engineering practices an empirical. CMUSEI-2014-TN-013 10. User-Centered Design and Agile Methods A Systematic Review. Campanelli, A. 3 S. Hvannberg, and. Inayat, et al.

systematic literature review which follows a defined protocol to increase the.


Campanelli, A.S. and Parreiras, F.S. (2015) Agile Methods Tailoring

(2015) Agile Methods TailoringA Systematic Literature Review. Their study seeks to evaluate Masters thesis a systematic literature review on agile project management.

The survey will be applied to IT pro- fessionals to identify how agile methods tailoring criteria.

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Campanelli, A. Softw. The practical implication is that agile methods allow product development teams to.

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The Journal of Systems and Software. User-Centered Design and Agile Methods A Systematic Review.

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Softw. The SLR analyzed pub- lished papers on agile methods tailoring to identify research conduction, implementation approaches and the agile methods tailoring - a systematic literature review on the themes research.